Fully Funded Scholarship in Japan

Fully Funded Scholarship in Japan

The Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development would like to bring your attention to the official announcement of the 10th Batch for ABE and SDG scholarship program. The ABE program is open to both the public and private sector applicants for Masters’ program and internship while the SDG program is open to only the public sector and is for either Masters or PhD.

Kindly find the attached requirements, including an updated application form. The application forms and university lists are different for ABE & SDG programs. 

Kindly note that there are different university lists for each program.

  1. A-1. 2023 General Information(G.I.) of ABE Initiative
  2. A-2. 2023 General Information(G.I.) of SDGs Global Leader
  3. A-3. 2023 Application Form for ABE Initiative (includes Annex1&3)
  4. A-4. 2023 Application Form for SDGs Global Leader (includes Annex 1&3)
  5. A-5. Annex.2 Details of Current and Previous Work, Research Plan and Career Plan after Graduation
  6. B-1. 2023 University Information for ABE Initiative
  7. B-2. 2023 University Information for SDGs Global Leader
  8. B-3. Question form for University

The applicants are urged to check university requirements first before application as some require extra tests e.g. English proficiency and the tests might not be immediately available. Applicants should also check the application deadlines of the universities as indicated in the university list attached. Question forms are also attached for candidates who wish to make an inquiry to the desired university on their research plan. Deadline for submission is 14th October, 2022.

While more details are explained in the attached documents, application forms and all queries from potential applicants can be sent to ky-abe-mip@jica.go.jpthe official ABE & SDG email address.

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