Council of Ministers

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia consists of Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister may dismiss members of the council, and new appointees must again be approved by the Parliament. The Council meets weekly on Thursdays in Mogadishu. There may be additional meetings if circumstances require it. The Prime Minister chairs the meetings.

Constitutional and legal basis


Article 97, Section 3 of the Constitution of the Somalia says that the Prime Minister shall appoint deputy prime ministers, ministers, state ministers, and deputy ministers. Those eligible for membership of the Council of Ministers may be, but shall not be limited to, members of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament.

Responsibilities of the Council

The Council of Ministers has the powers to:

Council officials

On 02 August 2022, the Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Bare submitted his nomination for the Council Members of the Federal Republic of Somalia and on 07 August 2022 they were approved by the parliament. They are currently as follows:

President Hassan Sheikh MohamudUPD15 May 2022
Prime Minister Hamza Abdi BarreUPD25 june 2022
Deputy Prime MinisterSalah Ahmed JamaIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Abshir Omar HaruseIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation Ahmed Moalim FiqiIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of FinanceDr. Elmi Mohamud NorIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Defense Abdulkadir Mohamed Nor (Jama)Independent07 August 2022
Ministry of EducationFarah Sheik AbdulkadirIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Justice and Constitutional AffairsHassan Moalim MohamudIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Planning Investment and Economic DevelopmentMohamud Abdirahman Sheik Farah (Beene-Beene)Independent07 August 2022
Ministry of Ports and Marine TransportGen. Abdullahi Ahmed Jama (Ilkajiir)Independent07 August 2022
Ministry of Air Transport and AviationFardosa Osman Igal DhoreIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Communication & TechnologyJama Hassan KhalifIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Livestock Forestry and RangeHassan Hussein Mohamed (Hassan Elaay)Independent07 August 2022
Ministry of Commerce and IndustryJibril Abdurashid Haji AbdiIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Public Works and ReconstructionIsmail Abdirahman Sheik BashirIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Endowments and Religious AffairsSheikh Muktar Robow AliIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Women and Human RightsKhadija Mohamed DirieIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Internal SecurityDr. Mohamed Ahmed Sheik Ali (Doodishe)Independent07 August 2022
Ministry of Agriculture and IrrigationAhmed Modobe NunowIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Health Dr. Ali Haji AdenIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine ResourcesAhmed Hassan AdenIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Youth and Sports Mohamed Bare MohamudIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Information, Culture and TourismDa'ud Aweys JamaIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Labor and Social AffairsBihi Iman IgeIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Energy and Water ResourcesJama Takal AbbasIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral ResourcesDr. Abdirazak Omar MohamedIndependent07 August 2022
Ministry of Environment and Climate change Khadija Mohamed Al-MakhzumiIndependent07 August 2022

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