Human Resource

About Human Resource Department

The HR Department’s mandate is to optimize employee motivation, engagement, and skills by attracting and onboarding talent, providing training and career development opportunities, and implementing fair compensation and benefits programs. It consists of key sections, including Recruitment & Onboarding, Training & Career Management, and Compensation & Conditions of Services.

The Recruitment & Onboarding section focuses on attracting and hiring qualified individuals while ensuring a smooth onboarding process. This section plays a vital role in placing the right people with the necessary skills and knowledge to help the ministry achieve its goals.

The Training & Career Management section is responsible for identifying training needs, creating development programs, and organizing workshops or seminars. Its objective is to support employee growth, unlock their potential, and enable them to contribute effectively to the ministry’s success.

The Compensation & Conditions of Services section is tasked with developing and implementing fair and competitive compensation and benefits programs aligned with the ministry’s strategic goals. This ensures that employees are rewarded appropriately for their contributions.

Human Resource Sections

The Human Resource Department is comprised of the following main sections

Recruitment and Onboarding Section

Training and Career Management Section

Compensation and Conditions of Services Section

Main Objectives