Monitoring & Evaluation

About MED

The Monitoring and Evaluation Department was established in 2016 and has five Sections, namely (i) Result Based Monitoring (ii) Result Based Evaluation (iii) Management Information System (MIS) (iv) SDG and Capacity Development (vi) Research and Development.

The National Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED) of MOPIED is a critical enabler of Somalia’s development for providing essential support to evidence- based public policy formulation, planning, decision-making, and reporting on national development progress. The Department promotes government development through monitoring and evaluation and tracks progress made implementation of public projects and programs outlined in the NDP9 and It fosters good governance, transparency, accountability and learning.

Department of National Monitoring and Evaluation provides guidance and leadership across Federal Government Institutions, Federal Member States (FMS) and Development partners to ensure proper coordination and oversighting of Projects/ Programs through Monitoring and Evaluation. The Department is set to monitor and evaluate all public interventions in a Result based performance manner, with a comprehensive way.

Monitoring and Evaluation Sections

The Monitoring and Evaluation Department  has five Sections as indicated below.

Result Based Monitoring Section

Result Based Evaluation Section

Management Information System Section

SDG and Capacity Development Section

Research and Development Section

and Mission


To enhance collaboration and coordination FGS and FMS’s M&E systems, provide stockholders real-time data with evidence based for decision making proposes.


Harmonize and standardize monitoring and Evaluation procedure, practices and mechanisms to carry out standardized Monitoring and Evaluation though engaging all relevant stockholders to peruse Accountability, transparency, good governance, sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness.

MED Achievements