Training & Career Management Section

About Training & Career Management Section

The Training & Career Management Section focuses on fostering employee learning, growth, and career development within the ministry. It consists of two units: The Learning & Development Unit (LDU) and the Career Management Unit (CMU).

Learning & Development Unit

The LDU’s primary responsibility is to help employees acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their current and future roles, ultimately contributing to the ministry’s objectives. They perform the following key functions:

  • Identifying and evaluating training needs: The LDU collaborates with departments and employees to identify and evaluate training requirements. This involves conducting surveys, focus groups, and performance evaluations to determine areas where additional training is needed.
  • Developing and implementing training initiatives: Based on the identified training needs, the LDU designs and implements training programs. They may develop new initiatives, customize existing programs, or engage external training providers to deliver the necessary training.
  • Assessing training effectiveness: The LDU evaluates the effectiveness of training programs to ensure they meet employee and ministry needs. They gather feedback from participants, monitor employee performance, and measure the impact of training on the ministry’s overall performance.

Career Management Unit

The CMU, on the other hand, focuses on supporting employees in their professional growth and career aspirations while ensuring that the ministry has the necessary skills to achieve its strategic goals. The CMU performs several tasks, including:

  • Developing and implementing career development programs and resources: The CMU creates initiatives and resources that help employees enhance their skills, explore career paths, and achieve their career goals within the ministry.
  • Providing career counseling and coaching services: The CMU offers career counseling and coaching services to assist employees in navigating their career paths, making informed decisions, and developing strategies for advancement.
  • Managing internal job postings: The CMU oversees the ministry’s internal job posting system, facilitating opportunities for employees to apply for internal positions and explore new career opportunities within the organization.
  • Facilitating employee mobility: The CMU supports employee mobility within the ministry by coordinating transfers, rotations, and secondments that enable employees to gain diverse experiences and develop new skills.
  • Conducting succession planning: The CMU engages in succession planning activities to identify high-potential employees and ensure a smooth transition of talent into critical positions as needed.
  • Tracking and reporting career trends: The CMU monitors and reports on the career trends of ministry employees, providing valuable insights into employee development, retention, and succession planning strategies.