The Director General

Mr. Asad Yusuf Qanyare

Director General

Expertise: Policy Development, Administration, Strategic Management, Economic Development

Experience: 16+ years


Mr. Asad Yusuf Qanyare is the current Director General of the Government since late 2021. The Director General is equipped with outstanding academic credentials encapsulating: MSc in Strategic Management, MSc, and B.Sc. in International Economics and Finance from Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

He has worked as the Senior Relationship Manager in Corporate banking at ABN AMRO BANK in Antwerp, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 2013 to 2016. Prior to being appointed as the Director General of MoPIED, he previously served as the Head of Donor Engagement at MoPIED (2020-2021), Head of the NDP Coordination Unit (2017-2019), Head of Planning and SDG Mainstreaming Unit at MoPIED (2017-2018), and Director General of Planning at MoPIED (2018-2019).

Director General's Message

Under the mandate of our Ministry, the Director General is tasked to coordinate and oversee the implementation of the strategic priorities of the Government as well as its overarching priorities. To achieve a desirable outcome to effectively adhere to the Government’s objectives, the office has adopted four strategic pillars namely (i) stability, (ii) relationship management, (iii) productivity, and (iv) capacity-building, and alongside them, two additional cross-cutting visions; gender equality and delegation of responsibilities.

These pillars are formulated to provide strategic guidelines and an institutional framework that aids the realization of specific goals and targets of MoPIED. The overall objective of these pillars is in line with the unique coordination roles of the Government both horizontally (i.e. coordination on the federal level) and vertically (i.e. coordination on the federal member states level) as well as international partners. These efforts aim to strengthen partnership, collaboration, and cooperation with stakeholders including government institutions such as Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs).

Strengthening coordination across Government institutions remain at the forefront agenda of MoPIED in improving the overall productivity through sustainable institutional capacity-building initiatives that harnesses efficiency and effectiveness to reach best practices. Similarly, to enhance the value of equal opportunity, the office has adopted a gender equality narrative as an instrument to ensure equal representation by providing opportunities to women in decision-making processes as well as the general progress across all Ministry structures.

Furthermore, with a direct reporting line to the Minister, the office of the Director General plays a supervisory role and provides strategic and technical guidance to department directors, and our special units including the Donor Engagement Office (DEO), the Durable Solution Unit (DSU) and our Information, Communications and Technology Unit (ICT).

Finally, I would like to convey my special gratitude to H.E. Minister Gamal for his exceptional leadership and for creating a conducive working environment that has led to the profound achievement MoPIED has made in the last five years. Furthermore, I also would like to express my deepest appreciation to the State Minister H.E Abdalla H.  Ali Ahmed and H.E Deputy Minister Fahma Ahmed Nur for their excellent contributions, as well as the wider MoPIED family, whose selfless work and tremendous support made my work easier and more prudent.