National Durable Solutions Strategy 2020 – 2024

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Somalia as a nation, continues to face multiple challenges and obstacles to finding durable solutions to forced displacement. Protracted displacement issues that undermine peacebuilding and state reconstruction, are drivers of fragility not only for Somalia, but for the whole of the Horn of Africa region. The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), supported by partners, realized that broad coalitions among humanitarian, development, peace and state building actors, under the leadership of local authorities and informed by communities affected by displacement, were instrumental to holistically address the root causes of displacement and its consequences. The emergence of Federal Member States (FMS) has led to increased coordination and government ownership in displacement issues. Since 2016, strong political commitments to achieving durable solutions for Displacement Affected Communities (DACs) are therefore validated by an increased leadership of Somalia’s national and local authorities at the normative, institutional and operational levels. The inclusion of the durable solutions agenda in national and local development plans and investments for instance, has led to an evolution of the Somali institutional framework. Anchoring the work on durable solutions within Somalia’s Social Development priorities has also created an enabling environment that can support, more innovative and impactful durable solutions initiatives.

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National Durable Solutions Strategy 2020 – 2024