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Istiraatiijiyadda Qaranka ee Xalka Waara 2020 – 2024

Soomaaliya waxa ay sii wajaheysa caqabado badan oo ku gadaaman sidii ay ugu heli laheyd xalka waara dhibaatooyinka ka dhasha barakicinta khasabka ah. Barakacan sii daba-dheeraanaya, ee wiiqaya nabadgelyada iyo dib-u-dhiska dalka, ayaa sare usii qaadaya nuglaanshaha Soomaaliya iyo kan…

National Durable Solutions Strategy 2020 – 2024

Somalia as a nation, continues to face multiple challenges and obstacles to finding durable solutions to forced displacement. Protracted displacement issues that undermine peacebuilding and state reconstruction, are drivers of fragility not only for Somalia, but for the whole of…

National Investment Promotion Strategy

The National Investment Promotion on Strategy (NIPS) is underpinned by a set of activities aimed at creating a favorable environment for accelerating both foreign and domestic investment. Given the improving capacity of both Federal and Federal Member States (Puntland, Jubaland,…

Somali National Development Plan 9-2020-2024

The Federal Government of Somalia presents the ninth National Development Plan (NDP-9), 2020-2024, which provides the nation with a path leading to economic growth and reduction of poverty within the next five years. Somalia has a long tradition of national…

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