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Ministry of Planning 3rd Quarter Newsletter-Digital

The Ministry of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development provides an informative illustration in its quarterly bulletin that highlights events and activities that are in line with its mandate and its the annual work plan (AWP). The engagements that took place…

Ministry of Planning 2nd quarter Newsletter-Digital

We are pleased to present to you the 2nd quarterly newsletter for the period (April-June) of the year 2022 from the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development. This newsletter outlines activities and events undertaken across all departments of the…

Ministry of Planning 1st Quarter Newsletter

I am pleased to present the Quarter one newsletter (January-March, 2022), of the Ministry of Planning Investment and Economic Development, produced by the Ministry’s media and communications department in cooperation with other departments .This newsletter provides updates from all Ministry…

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The registration of the Somalia International Investment Conference (#SIICO22) will be closed on Friday, 25th November 2022. Please register beforehand to avoid inconvenience.