Somalia’s Minister of Planning and Minister of Agriculture Discuss Strategies to Enhance Agricultural Sector and Conduct Agricultural Census for Economic Development

The Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MoPIED) of Somalia, H.E. Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebeene, met with the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, H.E. Ahmed Madoobe Nunow, today. They discussed economic growth and the agricultural census in line with National Development Plan (NDP9). Their primary focus was strategies to foster collaboration and bolster the agricultural sector within the aid architecture.

During the meeting, Minister Beenebeene emphasized the importance of the agricultural sector in Somalia’s economic development. He stated that improving food security and increasing employment opportunities is essential. He further noted the need to strengthen collaboration between the two ministries to implement the agricultural census successfully.

Minister Nunow highlighted the challenges faced by the agricultural sector in Somalia, including the lack of infrastructure, access to finance, and market opportunities. He called for increased investment in the industry, especially in irrigation and the development of value chains, to improve productivity and increase farmers’ income.

Director-General of the Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS), Mr Sharmarke Farah, who was also present at the meeting, provided an overview of the agricultural census. The SNBS aims to collect data on the country’s agriculture sector, including its structure, production, and marketing channels. He stressed the importance of accurate and timely data for evidence-based policymaking and program planning.

The meeting ended with an agreement to continue working together to foster collaboration and increase investment in the agricultural sector. The officials also expressed their commitment to implementing the agricultural census successfully and using its results to inform policies and programs aimed at boosting economic growth and improving livelihoods in Somalia.



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