Somalia Kicks-off National Transformation Plan for 2025-2029

Mogadishu Wednesday, 22 May 2024 – Today, under the leadership of Prime Minister, H.E. Hamza Abdi Barre, the Federal Government of Somalia kicked off the preparation of the National Transformation Plan (NTP) for the period 2025-2029. This strategic framework aims to steer Somalia towards sustainable development, economic stability, and long-term prosperity.

The kick-off event, held in Mogadishu and organized by the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MoPIED), marked a pivotal moment in Somalia’s journey towards comprehensive national development. The event brought together a wide array of stakeholders, including representatives from the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Federal Member States (FMS), the United Nations, international partners, civil society organizations, and other key stakeholders.

The NTP builds on the achievements of the Ninth National Development Plan (NDP-9), which played a critical role in securing debt relief for Somalia under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative in December 2023.

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre who presided over the kick-off ceremony stated “”This plan is founded on utilizing our resources and the skills of our people to achieve sustainable development,” he explained. “It seeks to produce concrete plans to invest in agriculture, fisheries, livestock, roads, bridges, ports, airports, and other natural resources, among other economic infrastructures, to attain economic self-sufficiency”.

Minister of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development, H.E. Mohamud A. Sheikh Farah (Beenebeene), whose ministry is the custodian of the Prepation and Implementation of the Plan said “The kick-off of the National Transformation Plan preparation is a crucial step towards realizing our vision for a developed and prosperous Somalia. This plan will harness the collective efforts of all stakeholders, ensuring that our development agenda is inclusive, transparent, and adaptable to the changing needs of our society.”

Key Objectives and Guiding Principles

The NTP’s overarching goal is to provide a strategic roadmap for Somalia’s socio-economic transformation. It aims to identify and implement key interventions necessary for sustainable development, fostering inclusive growth, and ensuring a coherent approach to overcoming development challenges.

The NTP is founded on several guiding principles, including:

– Innovation and Adaptability: Utilizing the labs approach for innovative and collaborative problem-solving among diverse stakeholders.

– Inclusivity and Participation: Engaging marginalized groups, women, youth, and vulnerable communities to ensure diverse perspectives in the development process.

– Transparency and Accountability: Establishing robust mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating progress to build trust and ensure accountability.

– Sustainability and Resilience: Balancing economic growth with social welfare and environmental protection to secure the well-being of future generations.

– Partnership and Collaboration: Encouraging partnerships across government, private sector, civil society, and international agencies to leverage resources and expertise.

Strategic Pillars and Implementation Approach

The NTP is structured around five main pillars:

  1. Transformational Governance
  2. Sustainable Economic Transformation
  3. Social and Human Capital Transformation
  4. Environment and Climate Resilience
  5. Enablers, including legal frameworks and transportation connectivity

Aligned with Somalia’s National Vision 2060 and international development agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union Agenda 2063, the NTP will guide national efforts over the next five years.

Innovative Approach and Stakeholder Engagement

A distinctive feature of the NTP’s development is the adoption of the Labs approach, involving intensive, collaborative sessions designed to generate innovative solutions to specific challenges. This method is complemented by stakeholder consultations through Open Days, ensuring transparency and inclusivity.

Next Steps

MoPIED will lead the NTP’s implementation, with a dedicated focus on continuous stakeholder engagement and iterative refinement based on feedback. The plan is set to commence in January 2025, following the conclusion of NDP-9.

Prime Minister Barre concluded his speech “”Only then can we achieve the collective, overarching, and long-term developmental goals and aspirations of our people.”

The successful execution of the NTP will be a pivotal step in Somalia’s journey towards sustainable development, setting the stage for the nation’s advancement towards its long-term goals.

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