SCRP Infrastructure Projects in Hirshabelle, Jubbaland and South- West State

Along the concerted efforts to support the drought the recovery of affected communities nationwide, The Federal Government as well implemented various infrastructure projects through the SCRP Project that include rehabilitation of Flood Risk Management Infrastructure to address future flooding through flood risk reduction works, including riverbank protection and localized embankment repair works in critical flooding rivers of Shabelle and Jubba. The project targeted repairs of 116 sites in total of which the repairs of 54 river breakages sites have been completed in Hirshabelle (Jowhar and Beledweyne districts) & Jubbaland, (Bardhere). Phase 2 repairs for 36 river embankment sites in South-West State (Afgoye) and Jubbaland (Dolow & Kismayo) is ongoing. Additionally, 26 more sites for Phase 3 are in the pipeline. Similarly, the SCRP project supports on rehabilitating and re-equipping damaged primary and secondary health facilities, as well as provide technical assistance for the restoration of health services. In this regards, designs and bidding for 4 Health Facilities (2 in Hirshabelle and 2 in Jubbaland have completed while 2 more in South West state are in final design preparation stages.

River Embankment and drainage repairs photos

Photo 1: Soil Embankment at Xubey 4 Site in Beledweyn District

Photo 2: Gabion Embankment at Hello Bardo 2 In Beledweyne district

Photo 3: Hello Embankment at Buulo Kahin In Beledweyne district

Photo 4: Canal intake chamber at Qooqane In Beledweyne district

Photo 5: Soil Embankment at Buulo Haji in Jowhar District

Photo 6: Soil Embankment at Magadley in Jowhar District

Photo 7: Soil Embankment at Buulo cesan in Bardere District

Photo 9: Soil Embankment at Hello Baneed 4 in Bardere District

Proposed design for the Health facility at Horseed, Bardere districts of Jubbaland State of Somalia



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