planning director

National Planning Department

Director's Message

The Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MoPIED) is the government institution responsible for informing the country’s socio-economic vision and turning it into practical policy actions in order to support macroeconomic stability and sustainable growth. It spearheads the overarching national planning, investment promotion, and economic coordination through sector-wide development, resource planning and effective service delivery.

The Ministry is responsible for macro planning and the coordination of development priorities and activities at the federal level and in close coordination with the Federal Member States as well as national and international development and humanitarian partners. The Ministry also takes lead in monitoring the direction of socio-economic development in Somalia through macro-economic and sector strategic plans.

MoPIED plays a lead role in pursuing sustainable growth through strengthening state capacity and investment promotion, and continues to actively pursue best practices in national planning and strategy through sound research and fiscal analysis.

Muse Mohamed

Director of Planning Department