MoPIED Strategic Plan 2024–2028

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This Strategic Plan which covers the period 2024 – 2028 presents the strategic direction that the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MoPIED) will take to achieve optimal performance in fulfilling overarching its mandate. It also provides a roadmap outlining how the Ministry will conduct its business during the Strategic Plan period. It sets out a realistic strategic program that will allow the Ministry to build on its
current strengths, leverage the potential opportunities and mitigate against its weaknesses and challenges.

The Strategic Plan provides direction for the Ministry in responding to the changing environment and associated challenges in the domestic, regional,
and global economic and developmental realities. This strategic plan is driven by the vision of “Realizing sustainable national socio-economic planning and development” through its corresponding mission which is “To lead and facilitate Somalia’s socio-economic development through a multifaceted approach that integrates planning, coordination, investments, and strategic partnerships”. The Strategic Plan is further anchored on and buttressed with core values namely: public good; commitment to excellence; higher integrity and ethical standards; accountability and transparency; inclusive growth; and critical analysis and policy delivery.

The document has identified an array of emerging issues through extensive review of existing literature, use of different participatory processes, and
application of analytical tools such as SWOT, PESTEL, Stakeholders and Risk Analysis, that it should strive to address. These emerging issues have been distilled and summarized as: Heavy indebtedness; Negative impacts of climate change; Financial resource constraints; Weak and underrepresented private sector; Human capital resource gaps; Weak policy, regulation, and legislative environment; Inadequate institutional and organizational capacity; Presence of many forced displaced persons; Numerous cross-cutting issues that are not well mainstreamed: Lack of an enabling framework for the Diaspora; and lack of costed development plans.

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MoPIED Strategic Plan 2024–2028