MoPIED Somalia and Banadir Regional Administration Collaborate to Strengthen Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Systems

Mogadishu, 10 October 2023 – The Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of Somalia has recently hosted a team from the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Banadir Regional Administration. The meeting was led by Mr Mohamud S. Nur and Ahmed Hassan Ali, respectively, to discuss ways to strengthen the M&E systems of the country.

During the meeting, the two departments discussed the importance of harmonizing training and conducting joint monitoring missions, as well as forming the NDP-9 pillar-based M&E technical sub-working groups for the Banadir Regional Administration. They also touched on the need for support in developing M&E policies, frameworks, and systems for the Banadir Regional Administration.

“We are pleased to welcome our colleagues from the Banadir Regional Administration to discuss collaboration and the way forward for effective M&E systems in Somalia,” said Mr Mohamud S. Nur. “Through cooperation and determination, we can pave the way for a bright future of effective M&E systems and policies.”

The Banadir Regional Administration also expressed its commitment to strengthening the M&E systems in the country. “Our department is looking forward to working closely with the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of Somalia to develop and implement effective M&E policies and frameworks,” said Ahmed Hassan Ali.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to continued collaboration and a determination to work together to improve the M&E systems in Somalia.



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