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We are pleased to present to you the 2nd quarterly newsletter for the period (April-June) of the year 2022 from the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development. This newsletter outlines activities and events undertaken across all departments of the Ministry in the strategic areas of stakeholder engagement, capacity building as well as efforts towards effective implementation of the National Development Plan.

During this quarter, the Ministry has played a pivotal role in coordinating several consultative workshops/ events by bringing together stakeholders from different projects. The Ministry also took a leading role in the launching of the Somalia Energy Sector Investment Survey report and also phase II of Kobciye project. Both of these projects have the potential to contribute to the investment in key essential services including energy and water. The ministry has also had several productive engagements with our local and International Partners through meetings in order to further strengthen our collaboration and cooperation.

This quarterly newsletter is aimed at providing upto-date information for the general public in order to increase transparency while encouraging intergovernmental information and knowledge sharing. Your feedback and engagement will empower and better inform us to perform on our mandate and spearhead the successful implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP-9). And so, we look forward to constructive engagements with you on social media platforms via our official accounts on Twitter and Facebook as well as through our website.

Finally, I would like to thank our communication team for their tireless efforts in preparing this newsletter in collaboration with our departments.

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Ministry of Planning 2nd quarter Newsletter



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