High-level Delegation Visit to the Republic of Djibouti

Djibouti, July 25, 2023 – A high-level Somali delegation led by the Minister of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development for the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Mohamud Abdi Beenebeene, concluded a four-day visit to the Republic of Djibouti with success. The purpose of the mission was to strengthen bilateral ties, promote socioeconomic development cooperation, and inspect the living conditions of Somali refugees in Djibouti.

Djibouti officials welcomed the delegation from the Ministry of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development, which consisted of Zahara Abdi Mohamed, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation and Durable Solutions Office; Zakariya Harbi Ahmed, Senior Advisor to the Monitoring and Evaluation Department; Abdulkadir Omar, Advisor to the Durable Solutions Office; and Ayub Abdirahman Isak, Executive Secretary for the Ministry’s Office.

During the visit, H.E. Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebeene held talks with Djiboutian government officials, including H.E. Ilya Moussa Dawaleh, Minister of Economy and Finance. These discussions centred primarily on promoting economic growth and enhancing the relationship between the two fraternal nations.

The delegation also conferred with Dr. Workneh, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and urged greater regional cooperation on socioeconomic development and interconnectivity.

The delegation visited several Djibouti Development Agency projects supported by international organisations in an effort to demonstrate cooperation in the fight against poverty. During his visit to the Ali Sabih and Ali Addeh refugee centres, His Excellency Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebeene interacted with Somali refugees and delivered the President of Somalia’s message of optimism and solidarity.

The delegation also met with Djibouti’s ministries of economic and social development, who highly praised the visit. The Minister of Social Affairs, D.G. Mahdi Mohamed Djama, and H.E. Mohamed A. Awale discussed mutual development.

In the meantime, H.E. Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebeene visited the Somalia Embassy in Djibouti to thank H.E. Ambassador Salad Ali Jelle for the excellent facilitation work they have performed.

Lastly, the visit enhanced bilateral and socioeconomic ties between Somalia and Djibouti.

This visit represents another positive step towards regional cooperation and the strengthening of relationships among neighboring countries in the Horn of Africa.



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