Federal and State Ministries collaborate to validate Galmudug State Development Plan

Dhusamareb, Galmudug State, Somalia – A high-level delegation from the Federal Ministry of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development of Galmudug, conducted a two-day validation workshop for the Galmudug State Development Plan (STP) in Dhusamareb. Led by the Director of Planning, Musa Mohamed Osman, the collaborative effort aimed to fine-tune the Galmudug STP, paving the way for a future of prosperous economic growth and inclusive development.

The first day of the workshop was dedicated to discussing critical pillars of the National Development Plan (NDP-9), primarily focusing on inclusive politics, security, and the rule of law. Officials from both ministries engaged in insightful discussions, sharing expertise and perspectives to shape policies that would foster stability, strengthen governance, and uphold the principles of justice and law in Galmudug State.

The Director of Planning, Musa Mohamed Osman, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative spirit demonstrated by the MoPIED of Galmudug State. He appreciated the warm reception and constructive engagement from the state officials, which contributed to the refinement of the Galmudug State Development Plan. The joint efforts underscored the commitment to prioritize the needs of local communities and ensure their active participation in the decision-making processes.

Speaking on behalf of the Galmudug State, the Minister of MoPIED of Galmudug State, Ahmed Mohamed Ali Cantoobo said, “We are honored to have partnered with the Federal Ministry in this validation workshop. The invaluable insights provided by Director Musa Mohamed Osman and his team will undoubtedly enhance our Development Plan, propelling Galmudug State towards sustainability and growth.”

The collaboration between Federal Ministry and State level Ministries exemplifies the power of inclusive development, where stakeholders from various levels of government work together to address regional challenges and seize opportunities for progress. By aligning their strategies with national priorities, both ministries reinforced their commitment to driving positive change in Galmudug State, promoting equitable and sustainable development that benefits all citizens.

As the workshop concluded, it left a strong impression of collaboration and shared purpose, marking a significant step forward in Galmudug State’s journey toward prosperity and harmonious growth. The reviewed Galmudug STP demonstrates the dedication of all involved in shaping a brighter future for Galmudug State.



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