Donor Engagement Office

About DACO

Somalia has benefited immensely from Official Development Assistance (ODA) and continues to view ODA as crucial to the country’s development. In the recent past, Somalia has received a combined estimate of $2 billion in humanitarian and development aid. While ODA supports the recovery and reconstruction of the country through important and valuable interventions, lack of institutional coordination on the governments side remained a significant challenge.

In 2019, MoPIED has established the Donor Engagement Office (DEO) to provide effective coordination and engagement mechanisms to enhance the effectiveness and alignment of external resources with Somalia’s national priorities. The DEO ensures that our countries development assistance portfolio remains in line with the country’s priorities while ensuring the effectiveness of development aid. More generally, the DEO supports the interaction between MoPIED and development partners on matters about development planning, and aid coordination including the use of country systems that contribute to enhancing the efficiency of Government-Development Partners’ relations.

The Donor Engagement Office (DEO) at MoPIED has been successful in proactively facilitating the iPRSP/NDP-9 compliance check and verification process and contributing toward the successful attainment of HIPC Completion Point trigger. In addition, the Office strengthens the alignment of ODA that has not been channeled through the SDRF trust funds with the national development priorities of the NDP9.


With the support of AIMS, the DEO provides an important contribution to aid effectiveness by reinforcing the national ownership of off-budget official aid, improving mutual accountability, and ensuring that aid flows are supportive of NDP-9 priorities.