Recruitment and Onboarding Section

About Recruitment and Onboarding Section

The Recruitment and Onboarding Section focuses on attracting, selecting, and integrating new employees into the ministry, while also managing talent and ensuring secure access through employee ID cards. It consists of three units: The Recruitment and Selection Unit (RSU), Talent Management Unit (TMU), and Identity Card Unit.

Recruitment and Selection Unit

The RSU focuses on ensuring the ministry selects the most qualified candidates for available positions. Its responsibilities include identifying vacant positions, creating comprehensive job descriptions, advertising openings, sourcing candidates through various channels, reviewing resumes and applications, conducting interviews, and collaborating with the department director to make informed hiring decisions.

Talent Management Unit

The TMU is responsible for talent management, ensuring the ministry has individuals with the right skills and knowledge in the appropriate positions. This involves attracting top talent through effective recruitment strategies, nurturing employee potential through training and development programs, fostering a positive work environment, and implementing performance management systems for goal setting and feedback.

Identity Card Unit

The Identity Card Unit administers and oversees the issuance of employee ID cards. These cards are crucial for safeguarding employee security and controlling access to ministry facilities. They also serve as identification for internal use and external interactions. The ID unit ensures that only authorized personnel have entry to the ministry’s facilities and systems.