Annual Performance Review (APR) Report 2022 of the FGS

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Executive Summary

Based on the intention for promoting and fostering accountability and improving the performance of the government towards expected results from the nationally planned activities by the federal government institutions, the Ministry of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development through its National Monitoring and Evaluation Department carried out the Annual Performance Review (APR) for 2022 on the government work plans. The government institutions are expected and mandated to deliver the set national priorities outlined in the National Development Plan which is broadly considered by the nation as an Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Instrument. The Annual Performance Review has been conducted through official visits undertaken by the designated MoPIED national staff through focus group discussions (FDGs) and key informant interviews (KIIs) combined, 28 sessions with the Director Generals, Panning and M&E Directors, and other key relevant staff of the MDAs.

28 government entities participated in the yearly performance review, including 13 under the category of economic development pillar, 8 under the category of social development pillar, 3 under the category of inclusive politics pillar, and 4 under the pillar of security and rule of law pillar. The institutions had intended to carry out 1,130 activities in total throughout the year 2022, however, the annual performance review analysis have discovered that 472 of those activities have already been carried out (42%), 318 are still in progress (28%), and 340 have not yet been initiated (30%).

The institutions that make up the economic development pillar had intended to carry out a total of 385 activities. However, the review analysis found that 166 activities—representing 43% had already been finished, 144 representing 37% were still in progress, and 75 counting 20% had not yet been started.

In total, 412 activities were planned to be implemented by government agencies under the social development pillar; however, the review analysis found that only 179 of those activities were completed, making up for 43% of the total; 90 were found to be ongoing, taking account for 22%; and 143 were not yet started, estimated to account for 35% of the total.

The organizations that make up the inclusive politics pillar planned to carry out 75 different tasks. Nevertheless, the review analysis discovered that 41 actions, representing 55% of them, had already been completed, 6 representing 8% were still ongoing, and 28 representing 37% had not yet been initiated.

The security and rule of law pillar planned to conduct 258 activities, Nevertheless, the assessment analysis revealed that 86 of those activities representing 33.33% were completed status, 78 of them representing 30.23% were in progress, whilst 94 activities representing 36.43% were yet not started.

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Annual Performance Review (APR) Report 2022 of the FGS